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Alexander Technique

“The lessons are very informal and relaxing. John and I chat as we are working, and I always feel full of energy at the end.”

The Alexander Technique

What the lessons involve

During your introductory lesson with John he will talk to you about the reasons you want to have lessons, and will observe the way you use your body. He will take you through the process so that you can begin to experience for yourself how the Technique will benefit you.

A typical lesson starts with you standing, while John gently guides you into a better position. While he does so, he will be talking about what you need to think about to reach and maintain this posture. As you make the small adjustments necessary to achieve correct use you will feel a releasing and lightness. In the same way, John will work on you while you are sitting, and in the final part of the lesson you will be lying down. The experience is gentle and unhurried. There are no sudden movements, and the process does not hurt.

The Technique works on two levels. Your body learns what it feels like to be used correctly, so that your old bad habits become uncomfortable. John’s repeated directions become a mental reminder to reinforce the process.

It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes for the lessons. You remove your shoes, but otherwise remain fully clothed.

Each lesson lasts approximately 35-45 minutes and is priced at £50

Typically you should expect to have learnt the Technique well enough to continue the work by yourself in about 30 lessons. For the best results it is recommended that you have two lessons a week for the first few weeks, reducing to once a week or fortnight for the remainder.

Many pupils then choose to have the occasional top-up lesson. Indeed, Alexander Technique teachers also continue to have lessons from other teachers from time to time, as John does himself.

John works Monday to Friday, 10.00am - 6.30pm.